About me!

To be honest I was never one of those sporty children at school, I ended up doing things, not because there was any natural talent or yearning, but because I was the least likely to say no !!

It wasn’t until after I left school that I started going to the local gym and I really enjoyed it.  This continued throughout my time at University. However as I hadn’t at that time recognised my calling was to inspire everyone else to get fit too, I went on my own!

I remember that my reward to myself for qualifying as a Nurse and getting a job at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital was a swanky gym membership at Holmes Place, Chelsea, where I got to work out with the rich and famous.

My first experience of Pilates started when I perused the gym time table looking for an “easy” class on a Monday evening. But obviously every time I walked out of the class I could be heard muttering to myself “that was not easy!” but I kept going back for more... I was hooked!


Pilates kept me strong and healthy throughout my 3 pregnancies, even when I was advised not to train as much whilst expecting my second child.  However it was at this point I decided to train to be a Pilates instructor.

It had really helped me create a fit new post baby body, not to mention a functioning pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. I could really see how so many other (actually ALL!!) people could greatly benefit.

I remember a specific nursing shift, looking around the waiting room and being desperate to help the people in there, not just in a medical way but in a health and fitness way.  This spearheaded me to make my decision to focus all my time and passion on the healthy side of health care. Knowing that many of these people wouldn't even be in the hospital or in a GP waiting room if they invested some time in themselves.

So moving forward to today and I find myself living n beautiful Whitstable with fitness coach hubby, 3 children, Luna Dog and Harry the rabbit.  I’ve not had a gym membership for years and I can't imagine having one – or in fact having the time to get to one. Plus no gym has sea views for running and rolling country hills for cycling.

My fitness regime has to be efficient and convenient and my classes, one to ones and programmes reflect this.  I know that health & fitness is vital but I also know that modern life is bonkers and it has to be efficient and effective so it can be easily intertwined into the very fabric of our lives.

As is sadly way too common these days, I did suffer with a chronic episode of anxiety.  It lasted for a few years and thankfully it was quite a few years ago.  The only time I felt like me again was when or just after I had been exercising.  This empowered me search for other ways to help/support myself. For that reason in addition to exercise, I am an eternal student of self-development, meditations, simplifying life and of course great nutrition.

These are the bedrock to my life now and in fact I am now grateful to the anxiety as it has driven me to continue to find new ways to help women become healthier; physically and mentally, as I know that by working on the inside the outside will then follow. So that we (I say we because I am doing this with you) can build the life of our dreams on strong, healthy, energetic foundations.