Introduction to Breathwork

Learn and feel the benefits of Breathwork

Join me for a 4 week course where I will introduce you to the concept of breathwork and will help you to feel more confident in your practice.

What is Breathwork?

Without giving too much away, breathwork is a conscious breathing pattern used to assist inner healing.  It can be used to release pain, tension, thoughts and habits that no longer serve your higher self; Making room for gratitude, love and abundance.


It all sounds a bit floaty and woo woo Catherine!

Ha! I know what it sounds like and there really isn’t any way I can describe it to you that will do the practice any justice. There will be some science stuff for those that like to be in the know but it really does have to be tried to be believed.

However, if you...

Have unwanted/stuck stress and tension;  

Want to look after yourself, grow and progress yourself... but you are JUST NOT! 

Then breathwork is for you.

Love yourself enough to give yourself this gift!

Course Content

Week 1

  • Setting the scene/housekeeping/group code
  • What is breathwork
  • How you do the breathing pattern
  • What to expect, What you need
  • Discussions to make your practice personal
  • Breathwork session
  • Home work: Complete outcomes form & do the recorded breathwork session again

Week 2

  • Discussion about homework sheet and any questions
  • The mental, physical and spiritual benefits
  • Full Breathwork session with Ho'oponopono
  • Homework: Do the recorded breathwork session again

Week 3

  • Questions from the last week
  • Why breathwork is so great for us
  • Breathwork and cord-cutting

Week 4

  • Questions from the last week
  • Breathwork and guided journey
  • Share your breakthroughs!

Each week will build on the next, remembering that because the groups are quite small I can tweek content to be bespoke to you.  I will use your own words from discussions within the sessions and the FB group so it feels really personal.  It will be a combination of identifying and releasing stuck emotions, behaviours, thought patterns that are no longer serving you and replacing them with what you need for a vital and fulfilled life.

What people have said about Catherine’s sessions:

“Thank you so much, I feel like I owe you a million pounds!! I wasn’t expecting it to be that powerful, it’s only breathing right!”

“Thank you Catherine, it was amazing! Very intense!”

“I have had a pain in my shoulders for months - after the breathwork session I had no pain and sleeping like a baby”

This online course will be delivered live over Zoom.  The calls will be on Wednesday 20th, 27th April & 4th, 11th May at 1pm for 75-90mins. The best way to get over Hump day ever!

The sessions will be recorded and put into our private Facebook group. This means that, if for any reason you can’t make the live sessions then you can easily catch up in the Facebook community.

The Facebook group is also an area where you can ask questions, share breakthroughs, be supported and support your fellow breathwork buddies. The FB group will close on the 27th May.

Book Now

Find out how Breathwork can truly help you, book your place today. And if you can think of anyone else that would benefit from this work, please share it with them too.  

£122 for the course.

This includes 31 days complimentary access to Vitality Rooms, my online wellbeing membership (worth £44).

I believe there is an unlimited number of ways you can support your wellbeing and there are lots of ways in here that will compliment your breathwork journey.