Motivation Masterclass

Not keeping your fitness and wellbeing promises to yourself? Feeling a bit stagnant or like you are always at the bottom of the priority pile?


Other People’s Stories – An Inspirational Lady

In this vlog, I read a very vulnerable and raw account of modern life.


Catherine & Jennifer Clarke

In this Vlog I have the enormous pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Clarke of Meditation courses.



My top tips for a great night’s sleep. Sleep is a vital function that is commonly neglected or disturbed in many ways.


Defining Stories

In this short Vlog I have 3 stories to tell you that definitely affected the course of my life.


Why I don’t want to talk about weight loss any more

For a long time I thought I couldn’t say things like this… come and find out what I mean in my 1st Blog!


Episode 8 – Catherine & Helen Lauer

In this episode I have the pleasure of talking to Helen Lauer who is a Shiatsu practitioner.


Episode 7 – Catherine and Karen Tranquille

I have been wanting to bring this vlog to you for a while now but when Karen mentioned in a post recently about how her running had helped with her anxiety, it spurred me into action!


Episode 6 – Catherine & Laura Husson

In this episode I am super honoured to have Laura Husson, aka Totally Laura, my friend and mentor, subconscious transformational coach (with intuitive superpowers!)


Episode 5 – Catherine and Mark Chapman

You have got fitness’ dream team on the coach for this episode!!