Mastering the Art of Habit Transformation: Crafting a Life Aligned with Your Goals

Dear Gentle Reader (I think my binge-watching habit of Netfix’s Bridgeton has gotten out of control!), in this blog, we are looking at mastering the art of habit transformation so you can craft a life aligned with your goals.  The aptly named James Clear puts it clearly: “You do not rise to the level of your goals.  You fall to the level of your systems.” Your habits are your internal systems:  they are the fabric of our daily routines and sculpt the narrative of our lives.

The journey begins with understanding habits serve as the brain’s mechanism for energy conservation. Through repetition, our brains form neuro-pathways that solidify these habits. This means we do not have to consciously think about what we are doing all the time;  however, it also makes them challenging to alter. These patterns, often developed unconsciously and determine the direction our lives take, which highlights how important this work is.   

To harness the power of habits, we must first become acutely aware of them. A helpful habit awareness exercise is to spend a day writing all your habits down, thus helping you recognise your behavioural patterns. The next step is categorising your habits into ones that benefit you, those that harm you, and those that have a neutral impact.  To look at it another way, does this habit move me towards or away from my goal?   An equally important part of the habit awareness puzzle is identifying triggers—those seemingly innocuous events or feelings that propel us into autopilot, prompting us to engage in habitual behaviours, be they productive or detrimental.

Habits often persisted despite life’s transitions, highlighting the tenacity of these ingrained routines. But fear not, gentle reader (I couldn’t help myself!), change is not only possible; it’s within reach when we set clear intentions. These intentions must resonate with our core values and the goals we aspire to achieve. Here, the significance of ‘why’ comes into play. Understanding why we want to change a habit gives us the leverage to push through obstacles and align our actions with our aspirations.

If you are really interested in habits, and we all should be,  then James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, is a must-read.  One of my favourite techniques he talks about is habit stacking.  This helps you introduce new behaviours seamlessly into your daily regimen by attaching the new action you would like to become a habit to an existing one.  I have habit stacked my cold water plunge before having a shower.  Maybe a little extreme for starters!?   Have you ever said, “I wish I had a few moments to myself?”  Well, how about whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil you intensionally sit with your eyes closed and breathe.  Do it every time you boil the kettle; it will soon feel weird if you don’t.  The magic here is that once it becomes a habit if there is the call for a few moments of breath any other time in your day, you will find it easier to do it.  Also, when actively creating a habit, I adopt the concept of ‘never missing two days in a row’.  This is a vital strategy, underscoring the importance of consistency and resilience, especially in the face of setbacks.

As I wrap up this Blog, I invite you to share your stories of habits and habit change. My goal is to foster a community where individuals feel empowered to refine their daily habits for a life well-lived. Through these shared experiences, we find inspiration and encouragement to continue on our paths of personal transformation.

When we consciously master our habits, we become the architects of our fates. We don’t get what we want in life by mere chance; we get what we repeatedly do. By mastering the art of habit transformation, we can steer our lives in a direction that mirrors our deepest goals and values. 

If you want to listen to more on our habit journey, tune in to the Far 2 Fabulous podcast, where Julie and I continue on our transformative journey towards crafting a life aligned with our aspirations.  Come along for the ride!

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